Launch apps easily with Todos

runs on Mac
screenshot of Todos

If you spend time hanging around download sites—and you know you do—pretty quick you're going to have so many cool applications, it's going to be tough to find them all when you need them. Sure, you can add a bunch of them to the Dock, but soon enough you're going to run out of room there, and then you're back to just digging through the Finder.

Todos is an tool that helps you find apps on your Mac. Activate it with a quick hotkey, or click on its menubar icon. It goes out and finds every application on your system, and then puts their icons up in a big window for you to choose from. You can customize its behavior, maybe getting it to ignore certain apps, like those you use so often that they're already in your Dock.

Todos is a Universal Binary, so it's equally at home on a PowerPC or Intel powered Mac. It's been tested under OS X 10.4 (Tiger), but will probably be right at home on later versions as well.

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