FreeOTFE encrypts data on the fly

runs on Windows
screenshot of FreeOTFE

While some things are best when exposed to the light of day, there are some types of information that are better kept under wraps. Personnel records at work, for example, don't want to find themselves being available to anyone other than on a real need-to-know basis. And your plans for your next big marketing move aren't something you want your competitors to review before you've had a chance to implement them.

FreeOTFE is a free on-the-fly disk encryption application for Windows. To use it, you'll create an encrypted virtual drive on your system that looks like any other drive, but its contents will be totally encrypted, rendering them invisible to mere mortals. But since you've got the password, you can get in there and do what you need to with your data. And for even more protection, it's possible to create volumes that are invisible to Windows Explorer as well. Looks like that would make any data on there that much harder to get in and muck about with.

As its name suggests, FreeOTFE is a free download. It's a Windows app.

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