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At its best, music is a a collaborative creative effort. You play guitar, she plays bass, he plays horns, and it all goes together. Sometimes, though, schedules don't work out, and it's impossible to get everybody in one place at the same time. At that point, you can either give up and go watch TV, or you can look for some help. If the drummer is the one who's a no-show, maybe it's time to hire Pattern Sequencer.

Pattern Sequencer is an app that will lay down a percussion track for you when there's no real drummer. You can pick from all the pieces of its virtual drum kit, including kick, snare, and toms, as well as hi-hat and crash cymbals, and even a rimshot to keep you going. Pick the tempo and volume, decide which sounds to use where, and you're off to the races. You can lengthen or shorten your passage, and it loops when it hits the end, so you can put Pattern Sequencer on the case and get back to making a melody.

Pattern Sequencer is a free online service; all you need is a web browser with Flash and you're good. And while you're there, you might check out some of the other apps they've got as well, including a Guitar Tuner that guarantees you'll never be off again.

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