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One of the advantages of an IMAP email system is that you don't have to worry about your mail taking up all the space on your local hard drive. With POP3 mail systems, you download all your messages, and after a while, that can add up to a fair chunk of disk space. IMAP, on the other hand, leaves messages on the server, so there's no hit to your local drive. Obviously, however, that comes at a price; namely, that your mail will now fill the server's drive instead of the drive on your desktop box. So what are you gonna' do?

IMAPSize is a tool that can help you keep a lid on your IMAP mail. It's easy to see at a glance which messages and folders are taking up all the space—maybe putting you in danger of exceeding your disk quota—and lets you decide what to do about it. You can, for example, manage attachments, such that you get rid of beta-level items without touching final documents, either by deleting them, or by downloading to your local drive and archiving them. Organize your mail, making it easier to find the messages you're looking for. You can even back up parts of or your entire IMAP mail hierarchy or replicate it on your local drive if you like.

A Windows app, IMAPSize is a free download.

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