Add screenshots to your tweets

runs on Windows
screenshot of DesktopTweet

Some of the more interesting tools out there are mashups of separate applications that just seem to fit together. If you're a fan of the peanut butter cup, then you know what the right kind of synergy can accomplish.

DesktopTweet is an app that lets you easily take screenshots on your system and tweet them. Give it your Twitter login credentials, and you're good to go. With this tool up and running, you take your screenshot—a user-defined region, the whole screen, or even an image file—write a quick tweet, and then upload it all to your favorite Twitter picture service. It currently supports TwitPic, yfrog, and several others. Whether you're giving out elaborate instructions or just passing along a snapshot of that weird thing you saw on your screen, it's easy to let the world see things through your monitor.

DesktopTweet is a Windows application. You can download it for free.

Download DesktopTweet

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