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Character counts. Even though it seems more and more that wealth and power rule the day, when it comes right down to it, a person's character can often be the determining factor in life. While anybody can stand there and assure you that they're a swell person, having somebody else vouch for us is the preferred way to get a read on an individual's character. Often, that means writing a character reference letter.

Character Reference Letters has a couple dozen reference letter templates you can download and use when you're asked to vouch for somebody. Whether you need to write a letter for a professional or a personal situation, you can probably find what you need on this site. They've got letters dealing with employment, childcare, school situations, court proceedings, and more. Download a letter, open it up in a word processor (the downloads are all Word-compatible DOC files), and personalize it to apply to your situation. And for more complicated situations, they've also got several articles and tips on how to write a character reference letter.

Character Reference Letters are available as free downloads.

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