Recycle bin for removable drives

runs on Windows
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The Windows Recycle Bin is a handy halfway house for files you're getting rid of. When you delete a file, it doesn't really go away; rather, it's moved into the recycling. Having done this, if you decide that you want to un-delete something you just tossed away, it's trivial to dig in there and just pull that important file back out. While this is all true when you're dealing with files on your main drive, things get a bit more dicey when you're talking about a removable drive.

When you decide to delete a file from your USB thumb drive, it really gets deleted—no recycling for you! That's okay, until the first time you delete a file you really didn't want to get rid of. iBin is a tool that lets you create the equivalent of a Recycle Bin on any removable drive. Once it's up and running, when you choose to delete a file on that USB stick, you'll be prompted for whether you really want to delete it, or if you'd rather have it moved to the iBin container, keeping it around just in case you need to bring it back.

iBin is a free download. You should be able to run it under Windows XP and later.

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  1. Mike O'D says:

    Tried this & didn’t get it to op properly. Now I can’t even delete the damned thing. Be real careful and think twice before you try this one!

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