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If you work in a corporate environment, or even in many smaller organizations, you probably use Outlook as your email client, as well as its calendar and task management functionality. As an application, it does a lot of stuff, but of course that comes at a hefty price in terms of processing power, as well as screen real estate. If you're entering new information or working with email, you've really got no choice as to whether you have the app up and running. But if all you're doing right now is consulting it to check your schedule or to figure out what to do next, there may be a better way to stay on top of things.

DeskTask is an application that takes your Outlook calendar and task list and displays it on your Windows desktop. You don't have to worry about the performance hit your system takes running Outlook, and you'll never have to dig around to figure out which window has the information you need, since it's all displayed for you on your desktop. It shows a week's worth of calendar items, so you can plan ahead and never miss that important meeting or deadline.

A free download, DeskTask is a Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 and later, and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and newer.

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