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As the price of everything continues to go up, it makes sense to look at areas where we can save a few bucks. If you've bought a tank of gas lately, you know that energy prices often lead the way. What about energy in your home? You turn down the thermostat and use energy efficient lighting, but there's probably still some room left to conserve and save.

Granola is a tool that can help you save energy in your computer use. When it's running, you can throttle back your CPU and save a buck or three. It even helps you calculate your savings by using your actual cost per kilowatt-hour. You can select just the right mix of speed and savings, so that you save the maximum amount without performance taking a hit. It also tells you how much you're saving in terms of energy usage, financial savings, and even CO2 emissions.

You can use Granola for free at home, but if you want to use it at work, you'll need to upgrade to the paid version.

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