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You and your data are only as safe as your password. Whether it's desktop apps, or more likely online goodies, you've got to have a good, strong password if you're going to be able to sleep at night. But of course, the better the password, the harder it is to remember it. And that's where a tool like StickyPassword can come in handy.

With StickyPassword, you only have to remember one password to unlock your store of passwords. Now you can use appropriately complex passwords—upper- and lower-case alpha characters, numbers, and even symbols—that make it much harder for the bad guys to break into your stuff. StickyPassword remembers them all for you, as well as other important information for your online travels, such as name, phone, and even the ever-popular Mother's Maiden Name. And if you're particularly security-conscious, StickyPassword even comes with a virtual keyboard you can use while entering password information. That means that any keyloggers lurking in the background won't have access to your information as you type it in.

StickyPassword is available as a free download for Windows. This version supports up to fifteen passwords and one account. If you need more than that, they'd be happy for you to upgrade to the Pro version.

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