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runs on Mac
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You've got a Mac and you need to get a keyboard for it. Maybe you've got a machine that doesn't come with one, or you're adding an external keyboard to your MacBook. Either way, you look around, and all you find is an old Windows keyboard. Now that's going to work mostly okay, but there's still some Mac-ness that isn't going to be available to you. Like the all-important Command key.

DoubleCommand is a tool you can use to remap keys on your keyboard, either to tweak the keys on your Mac keyboard, or to completely revamp the keys on your Windows keyboard. Swap the Control and Option keys. Use the Enter key as the Command, Control, or Option key. Or choose from a bunch of other configurations. While your new keyboard may not work as smoothly as an official Apple model, functionally it'll be pretty close, and almost certainly it will be cheaper.

You can download DoubleCommand for free. It's compatible with systems running Tiger (OS X 10.4) and later.

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