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It's easy to write HTML code in any old text editor on your desktop. A little typing here, a little cut-and-paste there, and you're all set. But what is that page going to look like? Unless you've got a web server running on your local machine, you really don't know how that page is going to behave. You can upload your handiwork to a server somewhere, but then you have to give it some kind of memorable name and be sure to delete it when you're done playing around. Or maybe you can just publish it to a server that doesn't care.

PasteHTML is a free service that lets you publish anonymous web pages. You can do your editing directly in their online form, or you can write your code in your favorite text editor and then paste it into the form. Or if you're not so big on the whole markup thing, you can also use their online WYSIWYG editor, which lets you format your text without any of those pesky HTML tags. Either way, once you're done, you just click the button and your page is published. Now it's easy to see what your page will look like when you publish it for real, as well as making it easier to find that place where you forgot a closing bracket or quotation mark in your code.

PasteHTML is a free online service. You really shouldn't need anything more than a web browser to use it.

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  1. Tom Carnevale says:

    Product seems to work as advertised!

    I used a fairly complicated page that contained a table, some embedded styles, a link to jQuery online and a few event handlers.

    Rendered and acted exactly as it should.

    A very handy tool!

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