Bulk file renaming

runs on Windows
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Files, files, files. Whether it's documents, photos, music, or whatever other data you're storing and manipulating, at some point you're going to decide that they might want to have better names. Unfortunately, you can fritter away several hours of your life renaming files one at a time. It would be much better to automate this process.

RenameMaster can give you a hand with this chore. Rather than having to rename files one-at-a-time, you feed them to this tool, and they're automagically renamed. Just pick the files you're interested in, choose how you want them renamed (prefix a number, strip out some common string of text, grab info out of MP3 tags), and there you go. Check your changes in Preview to make sure they're going to behave the way you want, and then press the button to make the magic happen. And if you do happen to break something, its Undo functionality will help you get back to where you started from.

RenameMaster is a Windows application. It should run on just about any system from Windows 98 on up.

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