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Pictures being worth a thousand words and all, sometimes it's just more economical, both time-wise and money-wise, to draw it than to say it. If you've ever read the legal description of a piece of property with irregular borders, you know that it's a lot more complicated than looking at a map of that same piece of land. While the written text may be more technically descriptive, that drawing makes it much easier to take a quick look and say "I get it".

Diagramly is a free service that lets you construct diagrams and charts with nothing more than your web browser. It's easy to drag objects into the drawing area from the well-populated onscreen palettes, and you can choose from general flowchart shapes as well as various pieces of clipart to help tell your story. And it supports all manner of connecting lines so you can show connections and process flow. Once you're done, you can save your handiwork in its native XML format, as well as PNG, JPG, or SVG images. Need to make changes? Just re-import your saved XML and you're ready to go.

Diagramly is available online. It should work with just about any modern browser with JavaScript.

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  1. John says:

    I like how it’s easy to quickly duplicate shapes – very nice feature. But overall I’m not really sure about the interface. I like others like LucidChart or Cacoo.

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