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There seems to be no end of ways for you to get your story out to other folks on the 'Net. You can build a plain old website, put together a blog, or even set up a wiki. If the idea of a wiki appeals to you, you might want to check out the offerings at

These folks make it easy to get up and going with a wiki, and the one they use is the same one Wikipedia is built on. You can choose to just stick your toe in the water and start with just a single page in what they call a Personal Wiki. Or if you've got more to say, you can set up a Group Wiki, which gives you multiple pages to work with. In either case, everything you're doing is out in the open—you've can't control who edits your entries and everybody can see them. While this means you're probably not going to want to post your super-secret chocolate chip cookie recipe up there, you could still spread the excitement of cookies in a more general way.

There's no cost to use either the Personal or Group wiki, and all you need is a browser and an email address to get started. If you're interested in a more feature-rich setup, they do offer the option of a paid version as well.


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