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Everybody needs a calendar. While there's some routine stuff where you really don't need to know which day it is—brush your teeth, feed the cat—there are other things where knowing where you are in the week, month, or year are really important. If it's Monday, you'd better go to work. If it's April 15, you'd better mail that check to the IRS. Without a calendar, we'd be hard pressed to keep track of it all.

There are all kinds of calendars. They range from the one you picked up at the drugstore with the advertising all over it to the little one you stick in your wallet. Some calendars focus on holidays, while others are more interested in natural phenomena. Lunar Calendars fall into this latter class.

Lunar Calendars are provided by the folks at These guys have lunar calendars—calendars that focus on the phase of the moon on any particular day—that you can view online or download as a PDF file. Both versions feature graphical representations of the phase of the moon for each day in a given month, as well as including the captions "New Moon" and "Full Moon" on the appropriate days. Even with the labels, there's enough room to add your own annotations to the calendar, so you can be sure to pencil in your next snipe hunt or other lunar-related event.

Lunar Calendars are free. You'll need a browser to look at them online, and a copy of Adobe Reader or another app that can work with PDF files to print them out.

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