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Sometimes a list is just a list. When you put together your shopping list for the grocery store, it's probably just an unordered list of stuff: eggs, milk, bread, and so on. You write things down as you run out, with no particular attention paid to organizing them, like maybe by store location or cost or some such. Other times, the order of items is important. Maybe they're steps in completing some task, where you have to finish some parts before others: you don't want to fold your laundry and put it away before you wash it, for example.

MyMind is an outliner that can give you a hand in organizing things. It's easy to enter items, rearrange them, and prioritize them. In addition, you can look at your outline graphically as well. That may help you to better understand what you've laid out, or even to discover relationships you didn't see between various nodes as they sat there in a strict outline form. Add a fancy background image, and you're on your way to a full-on presentation. Not bad for a grocery list, huh?

MyMind is a free download for your Mac. It runs under OS X 10.4 and later.

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