Control your PC via Twitter

runs on Windows
screenshot of TweetMyPC

Some folks think Twitter is just all kinds of fun. Others find it a complete waste of time. While this microblogging service is designed to let you tell folks what you're up to, it can come in handy for other uses as well. But controlling your computer? Turns out you can do exactly that.

TweetMyPC takes Twitter and turns it into a tool you can use to run your PC remotely. All you do is install this tool on your Windows machine, set up a special private Twitter account, and then just go nuts. This app understands over two dozen commands that let you shutdown or restart your machine, as well as take a screenshot of whatever is currently on the display, find and email you a file, or even print a document. And all you need to do is to write a Tweet.

TweetMyPC is a free Windows application. For Mac users, check out TweetMyMac, and Linux users may be interested in TwitAction.

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