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Finding stuff is a good thing, especially if you're searching for it. Your Mac comes with Spotlight, which is supposed to help you locate files on your system. Unless they're hidden or are inside a package or bundle. For those, you can resort to Terminal and all kinds of exotic command line tricks, or you can check out FindAnyFile.

FindAnyFile has an easy to use interface that lets you choose any mounted volume to search, or you can drag-and-drop individual folders into the interface and go from there. You can search on partial or complete filenames, creation and modification dates, file type, and more. Your results are available as either a list of names, or you can check out the hierarchical view to give your results a bit more context. And it's smart enough to report back on hidden files—those files you can't see in Finder—so that you can really see what's living on your disks.

You can download a copy of FindAnyFile for free. Strictly speaking, the latest release is "donationware", with older versions being available for free. It's a Mac application and runs under Tiger (OS X 10.4) and later.

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