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So there you sit in front of your computer, looking for inspiration for your next graphics project. You've surfed around for a while, and find yourself looking at an image and you decide you really like the blue in that logo or the green in that photo. But how are you going to match that color? If you're trying to match colors on your display, there seem to be two choices: either you have a really good eye, or you find an easy-to-use tool to help you out.

Color Cap is a tool that helps take the guesswork out of this process. Start it up and drag the little eyedropper to the location on your screen where that color lives, and you get the RGB values in decimal and hex versions. You can zoom in if you're looking at a complicated image, so that you get just the right pixel. And while you're at it, Color Cop will also offer its own suggestions on colors that would complement your choice—it's like getting a whole palette to work with from just that one pixel. Now that's efficiency!

Color Cop is a Windows application. While there's no cost to use it, the publisher suggests that a nominal donation might be appropriate if you feel so moved.

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2 Responses to “Color picker tool”

  1. Krish says:

    I use Pixie which is having a Color picker, image editor, screen capturing tool

  2. JaapB says:

    @ Krish. But does Pixie remember the last seven colors like Color Cop does?
    I use Color Cop because of that.

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