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If you've ever needed to restore data from a backup, you know how important they can be. Whether it's a simple human error—Oops! I deleted the wrong file!—or a total system meltdown, having that copy cached away can save your bacon. And if you never have had that need? Well, count your blessings, 'cause it's going to happen to you at some point.

Duplicati is a tool that makes it easy to create backups. It's got a wizard to walk you through the steps of setting things up. It's even made some choices for you, like the locations on your hard drive that you're most likely going to want to archive, so you'll be up and running that much faster. Your backups are both compressed and password protected, so that you save space and can sleep at night, knowing your data isn't going to fall into somebody else's hands. And the big difference between Duplicati and lots of other backup solutions is that your backups are designed to be stored off-site. After all, it's no good having a pristine backup in your home or office that then gets wiped out when fire or flood comes calling. You can choose to direct your backups to a network volume, or even to an FTP or SFTP server, as well as Amazon's S3 service or a WebDAV volume.

You can grab a copy of Duplicati for free. It runs under Windows (Win 2000 and later) and various flavors of Linux.

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