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runs on Windows
screenshot of WildBit Viewer

How many images do you suppose you have on your computer? Whether it's all the digital photos from the family get-together last Thanksgiving, the logos for that new killer website you're working on, or whatever else there may be on there, you know you've got a bunch of pictures. While having them sit there might be nice, it would be even better to be able to look at them.

WildBit Viewer is an app that makes it easy to browse through your collection of digital images. You can put together a slideshow to look through last Summer's vacation, using dozens of different transition effects. It also supports a fair amount of editing functionality, letting you crop and rotate pictures, add shadows and banish the dreaded red-eye. You can even use it with your scanner to acquire additional images, so you'll have more stuff for your next slideshow.

You can grab a copy of WildBit Viewer for free. It's a Windows app and is compatible with systems running Win2k and later.

Download WildBit Viewer

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