Let your mouse scroll wheel work even harder

runs on Windows
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In the relentless forward march of technological progress, the invention of the digital computer rightfully takes its place as a real game changer. It made it possible to do in relative short order what would take armies of people lifetimes to accomplish. A similar leap forward was the invention of the computer mouse. The ability to use this pointing device instead of relying strictly on typed commands sped the process up yet again. Add multiple buttons and a scroll wheel to that device, and you're really on fire. With a legacy like that to live up to, how do you improve that mouse?

WizMouse is a tool that lets you speed up your work even further by allowing you to scroll through the contents of a window without clicking on that window and making it active. All you need to do is to hover the mouse pointer over any window on your screen, one with focus or a background window, and spin the scroll wheel. Your window will scroll up and down as if you had actually clicked on the window. And you can also configure WizMouse to add scrolling functionality to apps that don't support scrolling, by translating those mouse movements into up- and down scrollbar commands. Configuration is easy by clicking on an icon in the System Tray.

You can use WizMouse on your Windows system.

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  1. houmeri says:

    I love this for allowing me to scroll on progs that dont have it built in…excellent!

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