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Your computer's a busy place. Even when you're not banging away on the keyboard or clicking wildly with your mouse, it's doing all kinds of stuff behind the scenes. And while it's working away in the background, it's keeping track of what it's doing by recording all kinds of important information in various log files. You may never have occasion to look at those logs, but if you do, you'll quickly see that they're not the easiest thing in world to work with. Logs are all written in chronological order, which means that the most recent happenings are at the end of the file; but when you open that log file to look at it, you're dropped at the beginning, which means paging through lots of data before you get to the information about the most recent application crash or security details.

In the *nix world, you've got the tail command, which lets you look at the most recent lines written to those log files. And when you through the right command line arguments at it, tail will actually follow those files and show you what's happening in real time. Not on Linux? Check out MakeLogic's Tail program. It runs like tail, but with a pretty GUI. In addition, you can keep track of several different log files at once. Since it's a Java app, it will run on any machine with the appropriate Java runtime, which means that one size really does fit all.

MakeLogic's Tail is a free download.

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