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There are all kinds of clipboard enhancers out there, each one striving to add to the functionality or ease-of-use of the Windows system clipboard. Since the default behavior for the clipboard is to only keep track of one item at a time, these aftermarket add-ons can be quite helpful in terms of our productivity.

Shapeshifter is a tool that lets you copy a number of items, both text and graphics, to the clipboard. You copy or cut items to the clipboard the same way you always have with the [Ctrl] + C keystroke combination. The difference with this tool comes when you paste your snippets into the target window or application. When you type [Ctrl] + V, the standard keystroke to get the job done, up pops Shapeshifter's menu. Keep those keys down and choose the item you want pasted from the clipboard, and then release the keys, and you stick that content into the target location. It makes life a whole lot easier than having to rely on multiple back-and-forths to copy and paste multiple items into a new document.

You can grab a copy of Shapeshifter for free. It runs on Windows boxes under Vista or Windows 7, in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

Download Shapeshifter

2 Responses to “Supercharge your clipboard”

  1. Ralf says:

    Anything like this for XP?

  2. Brian Fish says:

    I have tried this software and tried to suggest improvements on their website, which sucks. Here is the message i sent them:
    “OK, I’ve copied over a dozen items but when I hold down CTRL V all I can see is the last eight. I’m using other clipboard managers and the allow me to have more copied items than that!”

    I Registered with their website and logged on but can’t get at any of the comments already there – a 404 error

    Draw you own conclusions

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