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runs on Windows
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There's a Nigerian prince out there, and he's looking for you. You may have gotten an email or two from him somewhere along the line. You know you can put an end to that, right?

Spamihilator is a spam filtering application that you can stick in there between your email client and the Internet. It acts as a proxy, grabbing your mail from the various POP and IMAP mail servers you connect to, and filters out the crud before passing it along to your regular desktop mail client. It's got a trainable filter, as well as letting you enter your own stop words and regular expressions making it easier for it to detect spam the more you use it. And just in case of a false positive, it keeps track of everything it flags as spam, so you can go in and check things out yourself to make sure that you're not tossing out good email along with the bad.

You can use Spamihilator on your Windows system. It runs under Win2k and later, and supports just about all POP3 and IMAP email clients.

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