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Neatness counts, and accuracy is important. When it comes to spelling, some of the apps we use everyday have our back, and help point out those embarrassing typos and misspelled words that can cause problems for us. Unfortunately, that's not a universal functionality, and there are plenty of tools in use that don't pay any attention to those errors, letting us just fumble along until a misspelling bites us back, whether because of a goofy-looking blog post, or maybe a quick little note you threw together in a text editor that makes us look not so smart.

Enso Words is a universal spell check tool for Windows users. You don't have to worry whether the app you're running supports spell checking, so you can focus on the task at hand. In addition to catching those spelling errors, this app also helps you out with character- and word-count, helpful for those 25 character text fields or 1000 word blog posts. It also can give you a hand with word definitions, and even suggest other terms to use via its thesaurus functionality. While it's not quite as good as having a proofreader sitting at your elbow, it's certainly a lot more convenient.

Enso Words is a free download and runs on Windows 2000 and later.

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