Disk Space Usage Analyzer

runs on Windows
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How much space do you have on that hard drive? Even though storage prices continue to head down, nobody really wants to waste space. Documents, movies, and all kinds of other goodies have a way of building up over time, leading to more sluggish system performance, and ultimately the need to upgrade to an even bigger drive. Maybe it's time to nip that problem in the bud.

RidNacs is a disk space usage analyzer. Start it up, and it goes out and takes a look around to see what you've got. Once it's done, it gives you a graphical display of the results in the form of a bar graph, helping you to see where all that space has gone. While it's handy to look at onscreen, you can also export your report in several formats, allowing you to print it out or to compare with the next time you run the tool. Now you'll know exactly where all that space has gone.

RidNacs is a Windows application.

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