Batch process image files

runs on Mac
screenshot of SmallImage

Sometimes smaller is better. That great big luxury car may be nice, but when you're looking for a parking space that subcompact looks a lot nicer. Or the super-duper sized soda at the convenience store looks like a bargain, until you have to actually drink a half gallon of lemon-lime all at once.

SmallImage is a tool that can help make your large digital images smaller. And by smaller, we mean both in terms of the number of pixels high-and wide the picture is, as well as the size of the actual image file itself. This app is designed to help you batch process your JPEG files, scaling and resizing them to a uniform size, as well as tweaking image meta-data and even stripping out preview icons. Play your cards right and that big pile of pictures will become a smaller pile, just the right size for your website, blog, or image gallery.

You can download your copy of SmallImage for free. It's a Mac application and runs under Leopard (OS X 10.5) and later.

Download SmallImage

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