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Sharing files with other folks can be as easy as attaching them to an email message or as complicated as setting up an FTP server and dealing with its care and feeding. Somewhere in between is the world of file sharing sites. Many of those require signing up for an account, and then sharing a complicated URL with your recipients.

WeTransfer is a file sharing service that doesn't require any setup. There's no registration to worry about, although they do want your email address to send you a confirmation that your file upload has been successful. They will notify your recipient that there's a file waiting for them, and even give them a nice download button to click, so there is no complicated copying and pasting of addresses. You can upload up to 2 GB of data at a time, and your files are available for two weeks after you upload them, allowing even the slowest friend or co-worker ample time to get it together and grab that file.

A free service, all you need to have to use WeTransfer is a Flash-enabled web browser. Thanks to Roy for giving us a heads-up on this service.

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  1. DaGeek247 says:

    First, how is this supposed to be easy to send large files? A button sent via email to your download link does not make the upload / download any easier.

    second, flash is NOT a good way to do stuff like this. Flash runs terribly slow on linux pcs, and is therefore not to be called fully cross-platform. If its not cross platform on the internet, its not worth your time.

    third, two weeks is NOTHING. has a unlimited online time when you register(free) and i think its got like a year long online time when you just upload for free without logging in. they even have a windows client for easier file sharing.

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