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Everybody's got a story to tell. Whether it's talking with the kids about how the day went, or sharing some juicy bit of gossip over the back fence, we all want to pass the word on what's happening to all the folks around us. If you run a business or are part of an organization, you may have higher aspirations in terms of getting your message out: for you, there's the mass media. And the best way to get the word to the media is with a press release.

Press Release Templates has a dozen easy-to-use templates to help you draft your own press release. Whether you need to publicize an event, a new product launch, or even a book you've just published, there's a press release template for you. And along with the templates, there are several articles giving you tips on how to approach the process and write your own press release,

You can grab a press release template for free. They're all in Microsoft Word DOC format, so once you make your selection and download it, you can open your template, edit it, and print out your personalized press release. And who knows—maybe they'll even let you yell "stop the presses" when you release your information to the media.

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