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We're constantly awash in information. Newspapers, magazines, TV, web, and more—how can you possibly keep up with it all? In all actuality, you probably can't, but the next best thing may be to keep an eye of the various news feeds available out there. With an RSS reader, you can monitor news stories, blogs, and any of a zillion other information sources.

Vienna is an RSS reader for your Mac. It's easy to add new subscriptions, and you can organize your info with group folders and smart folders, that let you filter the stories you're most interested in. In addition, it has built-in support for Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share all those goodies with your friends and followers from inside the app—no more cut-and-paste between tools required.

Vienna is a free, open-source application, and the most recent release runs on systems using Leopard (OS X 10.5) and later.

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