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If you're like most of us, you are awash in information. Important facts, critical meetings, don't-lose-this URLs, and all kinds of other goodies. Back in the day, if you were well organized, you probably carried all this kind of stuff around in a spiral notebook or a composition book. If you were less organized, it might have been a pocket stuffed with little notes or a bulletin board bristling with pushpins. Well, it's time to come into the twenty-first century, pal.

ResophNotes is a tool that can help you tame all that unruly info. It's not super fancy—it supports plain text—but it definitely gets the job done. Enter your notes, make annotations, even link them together. And once you've entered your notes, it's easy to get them back, since this app supports built-in real-time search, with highlighting, for both the title and the contents of individual notes. If you search for "widgets", you're going to find all your widget-related notes in no time. And it syncs with Simplenote, so your notes are never further away than the nearest web browser.

ResophNotes is a Windows application. It runs under WinXP SP2 and later, as well as Vista and Windows 7.

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3 Responses to “Quick notes on Windows”

  1. GerGn says:

    Check TreePad as a more powerful alternative. It has free and paid versions.

  2. Ra0 says:

    Other alternative : TreeDBnotes, the free version.

  3. Jerry Tobias says:

    Just started to try out your QuickNotes and somewhere there is a keyboard shortcut for the program which I cannot find. Can you please direct me to it? Thank you.
    so, far it looks pretty good and I will keep using it to see what it offers.

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