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So many of the things that we can do today with a personal computer could only be dreamed of not so many years ago. Word processing, number crunching, communications, and more have really changed the way we think and work. Another of the areas that have been opened up by that computer sitting on your desk—or lap—is that of audio recording. It used to be that making sound recordings that were worth anything required a big studio with industrial-grade recording equipment; now you can do much of that on your computer.

AudioExpert is an online audio editor and sound recorder. With this free service, you can record sounds, edit them (cut, crop, or merge files), convert them between any of several popular formats, and more. Create new ringtones for your phone, record a podcast, tweak the tags on your MP3 files, go nuts. It may not be as interesting as a trip to Abbey Road, but it's much more convenient, as well as a lot cheaper (it's free).

If you want to use AudioExpert, you'll need a web browser, files to be edited, and a microphone if you want to record new material. And thanks to Jason for turning us on to this site.

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2 Responses to “Free online audio recorder”

  1. Mike O'D says:

    This seems like a pretty kool prog., as i’ve been sick of Audacity (it distorts), but on this site i can’t get passed the second install page. Text is invisible, and there is no “next step ” button. Weird. Very weird.

  2. joop deschaapheffer says:

    There is NO download, because it is an ONLINE audio recorder! Everything is done “in the cloud”.
    You will have to register, though.

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