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Back in the day, you could take a dedicated typing class in your local high school or community college. Along with learning the various letter formats, you got to practice—a lot of practice—in the art of touch typing. Back then, it didn't seem very exciting, and not everybody took advantage of the opportunity.

Fast forward to today. Now everything we do requires that we interface with a keyboard of one type or another, yet actual dedicated typing—"keyboarding"—classes can be few and far between. You can only get so fast with the "hunt and peck" or "two finger" approaches to typing. If you think you might like to take advantage of learning a thing or two about good old fashioned two hands on the keyboard touch typing, you might want to check out the Rapid Typing Tutor.

This app includes several lessons designed to make you a whiz at the keyboard. You can also design your own lessons if you know areas you'd like to improve in. It automatically tracks your progress, so you can see how much better you're getting with repeated practice. It supports multiple users, tracking individual learning. And it's easy enough for kids (or non-tech savvy adults) to use.

Grab your copy of Rapid Typing Tutor for free. It runs on Windows systems.

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