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If you've got a pile of files to work with, chances are your life will be easier with an archiving tool. Using an app that takes all those files and stuffs them into a Zip archive can help keep you sane. Now instead of having to deal with dozens (or hundreds) of individual files, you can move them around all at once. In addition, having the ability to compress those files can make all the difference in terms of the storage space they take up, as well as speeding up the process of sending them along as an email attachment or uploading them to a server out on the Web.

jZip is a tool of this sort. It lets you build industry-standard Zip files, as well as unzipping those files later. It's smart enough to work with other popular archive formats like TAR, GZip, and RAR, so if get a file from somebody else, you can probably open it and extract its contents. It's designed to be super fast, so you won't have to spend all day taking care of business, and its improved compression capabilities mean that your archives will be even smaller than ever. It also features an optional command line mode, great for adding this kind of functionality to batch files and scripts.

jZip is a free Windows application.

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