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It's easy to get distracted. Email, telephone, co-workers, and more—everything is vying for your attention, but you've got work to do. Sure, you can take the phone off the hook, and if you're lucky you can close the office door (or move into the conference room to hide from everybody), but there's always the problem of the computer itself. Email, Twitter, and the latest viral video will always try to distract you. That's where you need a tool to help keep them all out of the way.

FocusWriter is one such application. When you start it up, it fills the display, effectively hiding all that other stuff on your desktop. While it's a full-featured text editor, supporting rich text as well, by default is has a minimal user interface—as in none. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to get toolbar and menubar functionality, go to the bottom to see status updates, or to the right edge to get a scrollbar. At all other times, it's just you, your thoughts, and that little flashing cursor. With all that other stuff out of the way, your productivity is sure to soar. Or at least maybe you'll finally get that report finished.

You can download FocusWriter for free. It's available as source code (for the adventurous), as well as Mac and Windows binaries and several Linux packages.

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