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Sharing files is a necessity. Whether you're collaborating on your latest project, or you've got those killer vacation photos you need to share, you want to be able to get those files from here to there without too much of a headache. Email is okay for small, single files, but once you go beyond the simple stuff, your life can get complex rapidly.

Dropdo is an online service that lets you share your files without the limitations of email, while at the same time avoiding the hassles of big-time file sharing services or, heaven forbid, the need to set up and administer an FTP server or the like. Just point your browser at their site and upload a file or enter the URL to a file that's already online, and you're golden. The site features a built-in file viewer, so you can see your document, text file, image, or what have you immediately after you upload it. And then you can share it with whoever you want, sending the file's new URL via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Dropdo is a free service.

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  1. barry1009 says:

    Sounds great but unfortunately files have to be a maximum of 25mb which is very small nowadays

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