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runs on Windows
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While creating new documents is something that most applications can do, deleting old files is generally left to the operating system to take care of. You tell Word that you want to dump that DOC or tell Photoshop to kill that PNG, but it's Windows that does the dirty work. Generally speaking, that's okay—unless you are deleting something of a sensitive nature. In cases like that, you need a dedicated third-party app that can make sure your deleted file is really deleted, rather than just hidden from the operating system and other applications.

EraserDrop Portable is a tool you can use to help take care of that bit of work. Just drag and drop files or folders on the application icon, and those files are really gone. In addition to getting rid of those files, you can also wipe the Recycle Bin, to get rid of stuff you deleted the old-fashioned way, as well as wiping free space on the drive, which pretty much picks up the rest of the disk. Hopefully now you'll be able to sleep just a bit easier than before.

A free download, EraserDrop Portable is a Windows application.

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