Right-click files to encrypt them

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When you were a kid and had a secret you wanted to keep, all you had to do was break out the Super Secret Decoder Ring you got for only three boxtops from Frosted Sugar Bombs, your favorite breakfast cereal, and go to town. Even though this was enough to keep your kid brother out of your business, anybody who was really determined to crack your code probably could do so. Back then, the consequences of that information being compromised weren't that big a deal. Fast forward to today. Now you've got stuff on your computer—financial information, trade secrets, stuff like that—where the impact of its being made public could be a bit more serious. That's where encryption software comes in.

Lazar Crypter is a tool that makes encrypting and decrypting files on the fly pretty easy. It integrates into Windows Explorer, so once you're installed, all you need to do is to right-click on a file, choose Encrypt (or Decrypt, as the case may be), and your secret stuff is secret. It's also got choices for Copy and Paste, making it easy to move your newly-encrypted files into other locations. The quick and easy part does have limitations, however; you can only encrypt or decrypt files one at a time (no bunch of files, no directory full of files), but if you're only looking at a document or three, that's probably not going to really get in your way.

Lazar Crypter is a free download. It's a Windows application and runs under XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Lazar Crypter

3 Responses to “Right-click files to encrypt them”

  1. Roger Bertrand says:

    Why when downloaded does it get the red flag form the MS Security Check

  2. zbrkic says:

    Tested it on 1 document and it was damaged after decription.

  3. J.P. Therien says:

    Does not display the “encrypt” option when pressing the right mouse key in Windows Explorer.

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