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We live in an interconnected world. Whether it's breaking news or the people you're collaborating with on that big project, things are happening all around the world. But what time is it over there? If I send an email, it it going to hit during business hours, or are they all sound asleep? That's one of the questions you can answer with Qlock.

Qlock is a website that features an interactive map that shows you what time it is at various places around the globe. Type the name of the location you're curious about into the "Find a city" box, or just drag your mouse around on the map, and you'll get a little popup box that gives the city name and prevailing local time at that location, including whether they're on Standard Time there, or if they're observing some local version of Daylight Time, as well as the number of hours they are offset from GMT. Maybe you can finally get it—they're not snubbing you by not responding immediately to your frantic email: they're just not in the office. I'm sure they'll give your request the attention it deserves when they return.

Qlock is a free online service. All you need to access it is a web browser.

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  1. ester-ester says:

    Wow! Super cool clock!

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