Simple application launcher

runs on Windows
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How do you keep track of all those applications you've got loaded on your system? Even with Start menus, hotkey shortcuts, and all kinds of other schemes, it's easy to just get totally lost when trying to find that app you really need to use. MadAppLauncher might be a pain-free solution to your problem.

With MadAppLauncher, it's easy to configure the apps you want it to control: you just drag and drop files and folders into its window. It organizes programs into groups, with each group including dozens of individual apps. Groups and individual programs are each assigned a hotkey on your keyboard. When you want to fire up a particular application, all you need to do is bring up the MadAppLauncher window, type that keystroke to pick the group and choose the application, and you're off and running.

MadAppLauncher is a Windows application. It runs under WinXP, Vista, and 7.

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