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You don't have to work in an office or academia too long before you realize that Microsoft Office is the de facto office productivity suite. Everybody uses Word and Excel, and their native file formats are the standard for word processing documents and spreadsheets. Even with a franchise this successful, however, there's always room for improvement.

Office Tabs is an add in that lets your Office application display multiple documents in separate tabs in a single window. No longer will you have to move document windows around, resizing them and trying to keep them all visible at once. It's easy to jump back and forth between documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations by just clicking on the appropriate tab. In addition, it adds a bunch of other functionality, like a menu choice to save all open files at once, rather than requiring you to visit each individual document and save them one at a time, as well as choices that let you rename your documents on the fly.

Office Tabs is compatible with just about every flavor of Office from Office 2003 onward. Unfortunately, it's a Windows-only application, so Mac Office users will have to labor on without it.

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  1. Einstein says:

    Great utility. Makes working with multiple documents much quicker and easier.

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