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As computer displays get bigger and bigger, you can display more and more stuff on your screen at any given time. Crank the resolution up high enough and you can get several full-sized windows on the screen with room for more. Unfortunately, if you are of a certain age, or have other sight-related limitations, you may not be able to take full advantage of all that visual information simply because you can't read it all. Pulling out a magnifying glass as you look at your monitor might be one possible solution. Using a tool like DesktopZoom may be a better option.

DesktopZoom is an application that lets you take a closer look at what's happening on your display. There are options that let you magnify the area around your mouse, or zoom the entire desktop. You can use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the magnification, and there are other features, like the ability to change colors to grayscale, allowing for less-distracting viewing. And once you get things tweaked to your liking, all your preferences can be saved to a settings file, so they're be loaded right away next time you use the tool.

A Windows application, DesktopZoom works on systems running WinXP and later.

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