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runs on Windows
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Even though the other machines on your network, as well as all the sites out on the Web, may have names (e.g., down underneath they're really just a bunch of numbers. Since human beings have a harder time keeping track of a more-or-less random series of numbers, but a much easier time remembering words and names, we use those names and rely on the infrastructure of the Internet Protocol to do the translating back and forth for us. There are a couple of different places where that translation can take place, including DNS nameservers and the hosts file found on each individual computer.

HostsXpert is a tool you can use to help tweak your local hosts file. Even though by definition this file is just a plain old text file, if you've heavily customized the one on your machine, it can be a bit tricky to keep it updated. With this app, it's easy to add or remove entries, as well as merge files, back them up, or if worse comes to worse, to just restore the default hosts file and start over again.

HostsXpert is a Windows application. It runs under any flavor of Windows from Win98 up through at least Vista.

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