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runs on Windows
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It seems that text files make the world go 'round. Whether it's Web pages, programming source code, or even configuration files on various systems, they're all just plain old text files. Sometimes, however, that plain text also includes a bunch of other stuff which while it may be important for your browser or compiler, doesn't help human beings very much in terms of being able to easily read through those documents.

TextMorph is a tool that can give you a hand with getting the extra junk out of the way so that you can deal more easily with text files. Need to grab the content on a web page? Yes, you can view source, copy and paste into a text editor, and start deleting angle brackets and such, or you can feed it all to TextMorph and let it clean things up for you. In addition it can also deal with capitalization issues, line spacing, and line ending characters. As an added bonus, you don't even have to open the files you're manipulating: just point it at those files and pull the trigger. And if it doesn't do something you want it to do, you can even build your own tools and add them into the mix.

TextMorph is a free download. It is a Windows app and runs under Win9x and later.

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