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Have you ever had the experience of buying some fancy new gift for a kid and finding out that they're more interested in the package than the item itself? In spite of how great we think this spiffy new fancy do-dad is, sometimes simpler is better and more interesting.

Paper Dolls have been around forever. They're easy to use, very portable, and there are no batteries required. If you're industrious, you can make them yourself, but there is also help available out there, at places like Printable Paper Dolls. These folks have created several dozen different paper doll designs, with all kinds of interesting clothing and accessories. Browse their site to check out boy paper dolls and girl paper dolls, ballerina paper dolls and princess paper dolls, as well as paper dolls of several other types and descriptions. Many of them are the same size, so it's easy to mix and match outfits between different dolls. And they're all available to download for free.

Printable Paper Dolls are available as PDF files, so you will need a copy of Adobe Reader or another app that can print PDF files.

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