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It's your computer, so why not make it behave the way you want it to? You can install the apps you want, and organize your data in ways that make sense to you, but the fine folks behind Windows have some pretty set-in-concrete ideas about some of the behaviors of the pieces of this operating system.

The standard desktop icons that Windows puts out there for you don't lend themselves to being easily renamed. Whether it's Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Documents, or My Network Places, you are not encouraged to change those icon names. Whether you are experienced in the ways of the Mac and would prefer to call it Trash instead of Recycle Bin, or can't quite wrap your head around the "My…" prefix for the others (of course they're My Documents—aren't they on My Computer?), you can' t easily tweak those labels. Desktop Renamer lets you do just that. Start it up and go in and edit those names. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. And if you decide that the folks from Redmond really did get it right after all, there is a Reset All button that lets you bail on your clever new names and go back to the defaults.

Desktop Renamer is a Windows app. It was designed to be used with WinXP, but it will probably work equally well with other flavors as well.

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