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Nobody wants to lose their laptop. While the loss of the hardware represents a big chunk of change in itself, the data on that portable computer may represent an even greater loss. After all, you can buy a new computer if necessary, but you're not going to be able to get back those photos, spreadsheets, and everything else that lives on your system. In addition, to that, there is always the possibility that your information will be used against you: think of login and account information for your various online accounts, as well as proprietary business information, your address book, and more.

LaptopLock is a tool that can help out when your computer goes wandering. There's a two-step process at work here. On your computer, you can use this app to encrypt your files and also set it to phone home. Using their service, after you register your machine, if it ever goes missing, you can set your status to indicate that, and now whenever your machine goes online, it's going to check in with the LaptopLock folks. It will pass along whatever information it can glean regarding its current IP address, location, and all that stuff. In addition, if you have set your system up to do so, it can automatically run a selected application, or even go so far as to delete and wipe selected files, keeping your super secret data secure.

LaptopLock is a free service. The desktop application runs under Windows 2000 and later.

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    This site will not let you you sign up (ie: register) so good luck trying to get the dl.

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