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Portable USB pen drives are certainly handy critters. In a package no bigger than a pencil eraser, you can carry the equivalent of dozens and dozens of floppy disks (ask your parents), or several CDs or DVDs. Copy your files, drop the drive in your pocket, and you're out the door. Unless, of course, you can't format that little thumb drive.

Any Drive Formatter is a tool that you can use to format your USB drive, or any other drive that's not cooperating with the whole formatting thing. With your removable drive in place, start the app, browse to and select your drive—it will recognize it automatically—add a name, and format it. You can choose the "quick format" route, or do a full disk format. It's got a progress bar to let you know that things are moving along.

A free download, Any Drive Formatter is a Windows application.

Download Any Drive Formatter

2 Responses to “Format USB drive”

  1. M. says:

    This download wasn’t available any longer on 6/21/11

  2. Silver Dragon Sys says:

    Any Drive Formatter is still available from the site, its was moved to another server to accommodate what looks like a site upgrade. There is a redirect link on the main page, upon redirect click on the Products link then on the any-drive-fornatter-beta link (yes formatter is spelled fornatter on the site, guess they got in a hurry and didn’t use spell check). You can also get this program from CNET or use the sites own direct link for the download.

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